ForumCategory: VLSIWhat is latchup in Bulk CMOS technology?
AvatarVLSI Master asked 2 weeks ago
Latchup usually starts when there is a noise spike or improper circuit hookup that causes Vout to drop below GND. This triggers the parasitic transistors and creates a low resistance path. To prevent this, you can use techniques like increasing substrate doping, which lowers resistance, or employing oxide trench isolation to separate the n-well and p-substrate.
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AvatarCircuitDesigner answered 1 week ago

Latchup is often triggered by large voltage transients and currents in IO pad of drivers. One effective way to prevent it is to ensure that power supplies are off before plugging in a board. Also, use electrostatic discharge (ESD) devices with guard rings can prevent ESD from triggering latchup by injecting minority carriers into the substrate.