ForumCategory: LayoutHow does temperature affect transistor characteristics?
AvatarDigitalWorld asked 2 weeks ago
Transistor characteristics are significantly effected by temperature changes. For instance, as temperature rises, carrier mobility decreases, which affects the overall performance of the transistor.
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AvatarCircuitDesigner answered 1 week ago

I've noticed that the characteristics of transistors change with temperature. As the temperature increases, the carrier mobility tends to decrease. temperature, and a fitting parameter.

One important aspect to note is that the threshold voltage of a transistor decreases almost linearly with temperature. This means that as the temperature goes up, the threshold voltage goes down.

AvatarTechGuru answered 2 days ago

Temperature has a mixed impact on different parameters. For example, subthreshold leakage increases exponentially with temperature, while gate leakage remains almost unaffected.

At high gate-source voltages (Vgs), the current in the transistor tends to decrease with temperature. On the other hand, at low Vgs, the current increases with temperature, which means the OFF current is higher at elevated temperatures.