How to Detecting and debugging soft check Error

Soft checks are essential components of Electrical Rule Checking (ERC) during IC layout verification. They primarily focus on ensuring proper connectivity, especially concerning connections to well regions and consistent voltage signals across devices. Soft checks are particularly crucial for detecting connections through materials like Wells, which is mandatory for optimal performance.

Soft checks are essential

These checks help identify errors such as well connectivity issues, where improper connections can create high-resistance paths, affecting signal integrity. Additionally, soft checks aid in identifying errors related to net naming conflicts, ensuring proper segregation of power supplies.

Soft Checks in IC layout verification

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IC layout verification

These checks are integrated into Layout Versus Schematic (LVS) runs, and tools like Calibre nmLVS from Siemens provide comprehensive reports of soft check results for easy review and debugging. Utilizing tools like Calibre RVE (Result Viewing Environment) facilitates the visualization and identification of soft check errors within the layout, enabling designers to make necessary fixes and ensure error-free layouts.


What is the purpose of Layout Versus Schematic (LVS) in IC designs?

LVS ensures that layout and schematics are equivalent at the transistor-level, crucial for functional correctness. It detects discrepancies between the layout and the schematic to prevent errors in the final integrated circuit.

Why are soft checks important in IC layout design?

Soft checks, such as Electrical Rules Check (ERC), ensure consistent voltage signals by detecting connectivity errors like improper well connections or conflicting net names. They are essential for identifying and fixing layout issues that could lead to performance or reliability problems in the integrated circuit.

How does Calibre aid in debugging soft check errors in IC layout design?

Calibre’s RVE viewer offers a comprehensive visualization of soft check results, highlighting errors like missing connectivity or conflicting net names. By pinpointing the exact location and nature of errors, designers can efficiently debug and rectify layout issues, ensuring error-free IC designs.

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